Gatorade Sports Fuel Customisation

For 50 years Gatorade has pioneered the science of sports hydration, fueling athletes to perform at their highest level. Gx is the next step in this evolution – an integrated system that analyses athletes’ individual hydration needs and delivers a range of formulations and specialised equipment engineered to meet them all. 

*Alexander Wastney (Designwell founder) worked as a Senior Industrial Designer for Smart Design NYC where he worked closely on the Sports Fuel Customisation platform as Industrial Design lead for Gatorade over a period of 2.5 years. 


Athletes are always on the move and are looking for equipment that is portable and easy to carry. When adding water to a single pod you can create a 30oz sports drink. The pods come in a wide range of formulas with varying levels of carbohydrates, electrolytes and flavors to cater to athletes’ unique hydration requirements.

The vessel has pod piercing geometry which allows the pod to be dispensed with water at the point of use. Athletes also love to express themselves and each bottle comes with a customizable ID ring which snaps into the cap lid. 


To celebrate the launch of the new Gx platform a welcome kit was sent out to key athletes in a personalised package. The kit presented the components and celebrated the new technology building hype around the product launch and supporting the spirit of the customization brand spirit.


Courtesy of Instagram account @Gatorade


The Gx Station allows athletes and trainers to get an accurate measure of their pre and post session weight. An integrated tablet on the station guides the user through weighing in and out while also reminding the athlete of their occasion specific fuel needs and post session recovery plan.


The most advanced component of the platform the Gx Smart Cap attaches to the vessel to track individual athlete fluid consumption in real time. Fluid recommendations are automatically and wirelessly loaded for each tracked activity while the moving pacing light helps athlete stay on track to complete recommendation.